How We Got Here

We (Colman and Raiden) met as statistics PhD students studying causal inference back in 2014. For the last couple years we've both worked across the broad landscape of data science, Raiden as a data scientist building forecasting tools for the teams planning Google's technical infrastructure deployment and Colman first a data scientist then turned partial software engineer at Via with a lot of direct interaction across all of Via's non-technical teams.

Over about a year of weekly dinner conversations we found that the challenges we felt as data practitioners — giving and getting data, running data scripts, dealing with requests, interacting effectively with non-technical users — were pretty much universal across our companies and industries. On a mission to improve the interactions between data teams and domain experts over the entire lifecycle of data work, Colman left and started working on Slight in late 2020 and Raiden joined a few months later.

One of most exciting parts of starting this company for us is the chance to build and learn from a diverse team of talented folks. Interested in seeing your picture below? We're hiring!


Colman Humphrey portrait

Colman Humphrey


Core (In)competencies

I very recently started running (slowly) and somewhat recently started Steno with Plover (even slower - it's hard!).

Raiden Hasegawa portrait

Raiden Hasegawa


Core (In)competencies

I took my first backcountry ski trip this winter and I'm totally hooked but still feel like a noob (shout out to Ski The Whites for the intro and gear!). I've also recently started fooling around with microcontrollers to keep track of the atmosphere and soil around my growing orchid collection.

Thomas de Zeeuw

Backend engineer

Core (In)competencies

I contribute to open source projects and maintain a number of Rust projects (see my GitHub page ). I also like reading books, with topics such as; what is the question to the answer 42? Or about a disc world balancing on four elephants standing on a turtle slowly swimming through space. And foreign film (which for me are mostly American movies).