Software Engineer (Remote)

We are working through a backlog of applicants for this role and are not currently accepting new applications. Please check back with this page or our jobs page in a few months.

Slight is looking for a software engineer to join us in empowering data analysts to empower their whole teams. We want data teams to create business value by bringing data, documentation and fast and robust iteration to their domain experts by meeting them where they are, not where their data tools want them to be. To learn more about what we're building, see our home page for an overview, and our about page for more details.

What's Coming Up & What You'll Work On

Since we're small and you'll wear many hats, we figure it makes more sense to outline our future plans and projects that you'll be part of, rather than guess at specific responsibilities.

  • A seamless Google Sheets integration: Slight data apps will be called directly within a sheet to help anyone who "lives in spreadsheets". This helps say finance teams to keep their mission-critical spreadsheets up-to-date and iterate quickly when building their own analysis on top of Slight data app. Similarly - a Slack integration.
  • Python and R support. There are two parts to this: we want to support secure Slight apps written in both languages, and also make it really easy to call Slight apps from within a Python or R session anywhere.
  • Building out our public API in Rust. This includes building an API that's fast and secure, but also one with great documentation and is easy of use - especially since we want our API to be used by those without a traditional engineering background. Seamlessly autogenerating an API endpoint for every app is great, and having it provide real value is even better.
  • WebAssembly support: along with Python and R, we want to support fast apps written directly in code ready to run on the browser.
  • A flexible permissions system, so that it's easy and safe to give your users - for example, customer service - the ability to write to the database through Slight apps.
  • Adding graphs as a first-class entity within Slight, and allow them to be embedded anywhere safely.

Compared to our Rust-focused role, this role is intended to lean more general. You will be the point-person for our most interesting integrations, and you will likely get your hands dirty in all sorts of interesting places with code. You likely will still write Rust, especially if you want to.

About You

We are hiring for strengths, not eliminating based on weaknesses. Thus while we’re looking for very strong candidates, we have minimal hard requirements.

We don’t have an explicit experience requirement, although because we’re extremely early and quite small, engineers early in their technical career are unlikely to be a great fit for us right now.

We do require that you have strong proficiency in at least one programming language. It is likely that you will need to get up to speed with Rust sooner rather than later, but you don't need to know it coming in.

We stand strongly behind our values. Lastly, two nice-to-haves (not requirements) would be experience in a startup or company that has launched a new product, and cloud infrastructure knowledge.

About Working at Slight

We’re a remote company with a high focus on autonomy. We're small, with everyone wearing many mostly technical hats.

The salary is US$140,000 and we plan to be generous with equity. We have two four-day weeks a month, plus 10 national holidays, plus 18 more days off. We only require that you overlap with the morning in Eastern Time , from 10:00 till 12:00. For more information about working with us, see our jobs homepage and our values page.

We strongly encourage applications from people whose backgrounds are considered non-traditional in tech.

How to Apply

If this sounds like a job you'd enjoy, please email us at You are free to structure the email however you'd like, with the goal of showing us that you're a strong candidate for this role. This email may include:

  • Your CV / resume
  • A link to your personal website
  • A link to your github homepage, or even a short paragraph about open source projects you're part of with links
  • A short description of a project you've worked on, or a link to something you've built
  • Anything else (a paragraph about yourself, your LinkedIn, etc)

We're hiring for strengths, not weeding out weaknesses, so we intend the email to be the ideal showcase for you as a candidate. We prefer short emails, but we understand not everyone will have time to make it short.

Our Hiring Process

After the resume, we do a phone call that is half an introduction and half a technical screen. This is followed by a short take-home project. The final step is the "on-site" (video calls): typically individual interviews followed by a presentation of your choosing.

For the technical screen and the interviews, we will send all questions approximately a day in advance.

Our Stack

You are not assumed to be familiar with all of the below, and some of it may not apply to you (although that is mostly up to you) but eventually you may touch many of these systems:

  • Typescript and React on the frontend (with Next.js), along with Tailwind CSS and Stitches
  • Rust as the primary backend language, along with Go and Node.js for some services - typically because an excellent SDK exists for some purpose like Slack integration. Primarily we love Rust for its Enums (we even use the Typescript flavor on the frontend)… This is only 60% a joke
  • Inter-service communication is JSON-based REST to the front end and typically gRPC among the backends
  • PostgreSQL for our databases, Docker for deployment
  • R and Python support is a big part of our future product plan, even if not used in the application code itself