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    We are not currently accepting new applications for roles at Slight. In the meantime, follow us on Twitter where we'll post hiring and other company updates!

Working at Slight

Slight is an early-stage company backed by a group of amazing VCs and angel investors. We are fully remote and committed to experimenting with new tools and ways to make remote work and life effective, balanced, and fun! See our benefits for more details. As an early core team member, you'll play an integral role in shaping the culture and character of Slight.

At Slight, we strive to follow and regularly reflect on our shared values. We believe that these values apply equally to how we conduct ourselves with our colleagues and our customers (no code switching!). Although each value has considerable merit on its own, we see them as pillars of the same structure — without one, the others falter.

On the product itself: our about page discusses our mission, the jobs we want to solve, and our product roadmap. We also have a blog post on on what we're making for our early roadmap, as an indication of what we're working on now.

We know our values page is a little long, so we've summarized it below.

Focus and a Bias toward Hard Problems

We want to break the big rocks first. We want to solve the hard problems so our customers can focus on the fun ones. Lucky for us, we have fun solving the hard problems!

Openness and Trust

We strive to always operate in good faith, and approach situations with openness, generosity, and decency.

Courage, Encouragement and Curiosity

We strive to be courageous and curious: to tackle tricky challenges, to learn new technology, to speak up when you disagree. We aim to provide a workplace that makes fearlessness possible .

Commitment, Responsibility and Balance

Responsibility and ownership in a social context. Our commitments to our families, our colleagues, and our customers sustain and motivate us.

Sincerity and Transparency

Sincerity is like candor, but with a distinctly positive orientation. We strive to be honest and operate internally with full transparency.


Of experience, background, opinion, and expertise. Diversity is both a consequence and a requirement for empathy, not a box checked. This is not some altruistic exercise either - we truly believe this is better for our company.

Autonomy and Self-Management

Not wholly different from responsibility and commitment, but with the freedom and resources to put them to work.


We think that our benefits are a great way to demonstrate our commitment to a number of our values. Take a look for yourself!