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We are not currently accepting new applications for roles at Slight. Follow us on Twitter to hear first about new roles.

Working at Slight

Slight is an early-stage company backed by a strong group of VCs and angel investors. We are remote-only with a focus on written communication.

You'll be joining a company founded by data scientists building a product to solve real problems they felt daily. You'll join talented engineers whose experiences span from maintaining open source projects forming the backbone of extremely popular networking stacks, to building software for musicians to manage and control playlists in Ableton Live.

Below, we have details about the benefits of working at Slight, and the values that drive us. To learn more about the problems we're solving, visit our home page and our about page.

Benefits and Details

We are commited to making remote work effective, balanced, and fun. We aim for these benefits to demonstrate a commitment to our values at Slight.

Salary and Equity

$140,000 annual salary, for everyone at the company, along with generous equity sharing.

We agree with Oxide's Bryan that this may not scale forever, but that is OK with us. This number should also increase relatively quickly as we grow.

Location and Hours
We're fully remote! We only require that you overlap with the morning in Eastern Time, from 10:00 till 12:00.
Time Off
We have two four day weeks a month - the last Friday of the month and the following Monday (so a four-day weekend every month). We have 18 vacation days off, and ten national holidays.
Health Care and Family Leave

Slight offers comprehensive health, dental and vision options. We offer completely covered plans, and also highly subsidized higher tier plans.

Paid Family Leave: three months paid time off, which can be taken flexibly from one month prior to due date up to twelve months after birth. Flexible leave can mean full days off and/or part-time hours.

Allowances and Budget

Along with the company laptop, we offer a $1,500 per year flexible work-from-home budget that can be spent on external monitors, desks, chairs, mats, or any needed peripherals (webcams etc). You get to keep one third of whatever you don't spend - e.g. we'd add $500 to your end of year paycheck if you didn't spend from this budget.

We also offer a $500 per year learning budget for any training or courses you think will benefit you (courses, books, conferences etc). Finally we provide $600 a year for fitness and gym classes.

Our Values

We believe that to build the company and culture we are proud of we need to be deliberate about the values that guide us. These values are by no means immutable and we expect to refine these over time.

Commitment, Responsibility and Balance

We genuinely believe in work-life balance and deeply value our time and commitments outside of Slight. Within the job, we recognise the benefit of making space for deep work.

Individually, we are responsible for our actions and doing our best to hold up our commitment to one another. But we take responsibility for outcomes as a whole — successes are shared broadly and we reflect on missteps with a critical eye but do so without blame.

Encouragement, Trust and Curiosity

To succeed, we’ll need to be courageous and curious: to tackle tricky challenges, to learn new technology, to speak up when we disagree.

To support this, we aim to be trusting, open, sincere, and fearless. We recognise that is only possible with the right support. We are all responsible for supporting each other in leaving our comfort zones - after all, how else could we have the necessary experimentation, innovation and ownership?

Of experience, background, opinion, and expertise. Diversity both results in and is a result of empathy, not a box checked. The pipeline isn't an excuse. This is not some altruistic exercise either - we truly believe this is better for our company.
Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose

We believe our company's nature is suited to those who are anti-complacent, those with strong intrinsic motivation and focus, with a desire to solve real problems.

We never want to stop learning, and we always want to remain proud of our work.