Nice Mission, But What Are You Actually Making?

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Maybe you saw our mission and about page and liked it. Super! But you might reasonably think it's a lot of jobs to solve, a lot of product to build. What's first? Or maybe you just want to know: what specifically are we making?

Our Early Roadmap

We’re working on a product to tackle the interaction between data teams and domain experts, and as we discuss in our roadmap, our focus is on the lifecycle of a data request.

At the starting point of interactions between data teams and domain experts, we’re reimagining the request/ticket itself, where we feel the current paradigm of asking over chat tools or email, or trying to shoehorn in Jira, isn’t the best way for data and analytics. Data work requests straddle the line between issues, features, analyses and tasks, with domain experts often having the ability to give detailed insight into their request. These tickets require deep interaction between both teams, from rolling up discussions to providing a space and language for shared understanding.

On the other end of this lifecycle, we are making it dead easy to create performant data applications. That is, we're enabling people to take queries (SQL, etc; reads and inserts) and scripts (e.g., R, Python), easily parametrize them, and get an application that non-technical users can use. The application might give back data, run a time series prediction, update some database, or make a bunch of API calls. We're making these applications broadly useable, not just in our web interface, but also in Slack and related tools, and even available as an API for engineering partners.

Build With Us

If this sounds like something you'd like to help build, please visit our jobs page. If this sounds good to you because it tackles the challenges around data work at your business, we'll soon be launching our closed alpha. Either way we'd be happy to hear from you!