$140,000 annual salary, for everyone at the company. We agree with Oxide's Bryan that this may not scale forever, but that is OK with us. This number should also increase relatively quickly as we grow.


Generous equity sharing. We know that joining a start-up is exciting but isn't without risk. We've set aside a large chunk of equity to ensure our core team have a meaningful stake in the company and culture that they will help define for the years to come.


We're fully remote! For our very early hires, we are open to all applicants between one hour west and six hours east of Eastern Time , with plans to extend this range as we grow. Currently (winter time) that's from UTC-06:00, e.g. Central Time , to UTC+01:00, e.g. Central European Time or West African Time .

Time Off

Last Friday and the following Monday off every month in addition to 18 vacations days a year, generous national holidays (plus two flex "holiday" days), and flexible hours. Work is not life and that's the way it should be! We want you to take the time and space to spend time with family, pursue hobbies, and relax.

Laptop and Remote Budget

We provide you with a company laptop. Further, to support our employees as we navigate the remote workplace together we offer a $1,500 per year flexible work-from-home budget that can be spent on anything from external monitors, desks, chairs, mats, and any needed peripherals (webcams etc). You get to keep one third of whatever you don't spend - e.g. we'd add $500 to your end of year paycheck if you didn't spend from this budget.

Learning, Exercise

$500 a year learning budget for any training or courses you think will benefit you. This could include a course on CSS, a book on databases, a conference, or anything else that will improve your skills. We also provide $600 a year for fitness and gym classes.

Health Care

Slight offers comprehensive health, dental and vision options. We offer completely covered HSA qualified plans along with a generous employer contribution to your HSA. We also offer highly subsidized higher tier plans.

Family Leave

Paid Family Leave: three months paid time off, which can be taken flexibly from one month prior to due date up to twelve months after birth. Flexible leave can mean full days off and/or part-time hours.