Early Alpha

We're building an entirely new product to address the entire lifecycle of a data request. As data scientists with deep experience in cross-functional data work and the unique challenges that come along, we started by building the product we wish we had. From there, we've interviewed fellow data scientists, analysts and engineers and their domain expert partners and begun to amass countless insights about the jobs to done and pain to be relieved over the entire lifecycle. This helped us chart our early product roadmap, which we discuss on our blog: what we're making. We're now looking for a small group of early alpha partners to join us in co-designing and test-driving the next features of Slight.

As an alpha partner you would:

  • get early access to Slight products and features
  • communicate often with us about what's working, what could be better, or what's missing in a shared slack channel, by email, or over the phone; you'll have a direct line to the founding team
  • help us build a better product for your team and beyond — your experience and feedback will be part of the DNA of Slight's early product offerings

You'd make a great alpha partner if your team:

  • feels some or all of the pain points and wishes there were a better solution to the jobs described in the lifecycle of a data request
  • is a motivated early adopter of new technologies and believes that the business-as-usual model for how data teams and their cross-functional partners interact is a big drag on the ability of your organization to be truly data-driven

We view our customers as the experts of their own experiences and think that hands-on-use of the early product together with a tight feedback loop can lead to the co-creation of real value for both Slight and our early alpha partners.

Let's Build Together

We’d love to hear from you! Tell us more about your interest in joining us as an early alpha partner using this form, or email us.

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